Physiotherapy in Point Lonsdale

Our Physiotherapy service offers effective treatment for a wide range of conditions.  Our Physio’s treat acute and chronic pain (including neck, back and joint pain), sports injuries, work related injuries and offer education in the area of women’s health.  Our aim is always to help you help you achieve your goals – improve pain & get you back doing the things you love.  The Bellarine and Greater Geelong residents including those in Barwon Heads, Drysdale and Ocean Grove are spoilt for choice with four Physiotherapists on offer at Point Lonsdale Health and Wellness.

Our Professionals:

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Physiotherapy in Point Lonsdale

Physiotherapy aims to improve your mobility and health and reduce the risk of injury.  This is achieved by using a range of manual therapies, including massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and manipulation, taping/equipment prescription (including CAM boots), education and exercise to help you function at your peak.

How long are Physiotherapy consultations?

In order to assess and prescribe treatment for all conditions, our initial Physiotherapy appointments are 45 minutes long, all with 30 minutes follow up visits.

Do you offer treatment for dizziness and vertigo?

We sure do! Whilst all our Physio’s are trained to treat these conditions we are fortunate enough to have a Physiotherapist who is specialised in this area, right here on the Bellarine just 30km from Geelong.  In many cases balance and dizziness problems are greatly improved by exercise-based physiotherapy programs and recovery time can be reduced in BPPV by using repositioning manoeuvres.  These sessions are a bit longer and the pricing differs to a regular consultation.  Give us a buzz on 03 5258 4633 for more info.

Do you offer rehabilitation services?

Yes, we do!  We can help out with rehabilitation both pre-operation and post operation.  Point Lonsdale Health and Wellness has access to one of the largest and most equipped Pilates studios on the Bellarine that can be helpful for rehab and our experienced Physio’s are also able to establish home exercise programs.

Are you registered for NDIS?

We see clients who are self or plan managed. Please call us for details.

Do you offer a home visit service?

We do.  Give us a ring on 03 5258 4633 for more details on our home visit Physiotherapy services.

What is the cost of a Physiotherapy appointment?

Initial appointment is $120, with subsequent visits costing $95.  Fees for Medicare (CDM plans) and specialised neurological and pelvic floor physiotherapy appointments differ – please contact us for further info.

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