Bellarine Wart Clinic

Fast and effective, the Swift microwave technology is a revolutionary treatment to remove stubborn warts of the feet and hands.

The clinic was started because our principal Podiatrist was looking for a treatment to effectively remove her 7yo sons foot warts. The treatment had to be both child friendly and effective.

There was no down time or ongoing management at home after the treatments. Most patients warts resolve after 3-4 treatments with a 4 week interval between each.

The warts of her son were gone after just 2 treatments.

This can be life changing!

Swift Therapy

If this sounds like something that would be of benefit to you or a loved one, then simply book an Initial Appointment.

At this appointment it will be determined if you have a wart or verruca that is suitable for the Swift treatment. The processes and procedures will also be thoroughly explained to you prior to commencing.

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