Podiatry in Point Lonsdale

Podiatrists deal with all things feet… from toenails, corns, calluses and skin conditions to heel pain, foot pain, warts and lower limb biomechanical issues.  Our Podiatrists service clients throughout the Bellarine area including Queenscliff, Ocean Grove, and Barwon heads at our Point Lonsdale clinic location.

Our Professionals:

Podiatry in Point Lonsdale

Why would I see I podiatrist?

A Podiatrist is a specialised therapist in the care, treatment, management and prevention of lower limb and foot related problems.  This includes help with nail and skin problems, management of soft tissue and overuse injuries such as sprains and stress fractures, education and advice regarding anything feet.

Why should someone with Diabetes see a Podiatrist?

Someone diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes can have their circulation and/or sensation affected in their feet particularly.  We can provide treatment, management and advice in order to best care for your feet to ensure they remain out of danger of major complications associated with diabetes.

Do you treat ingrown toenails and warts?

Yes we do! Our podiatrists are more than capable of determining whether you need an ingrown toe nail surgery and performing it if need be.  Fiona has had many years of experience in wart surgery under local anaesthetic or providing you with more conservative forms of treatment if that’s preferable.

Can you help me with orthotics?

Certainly! If you have current orthotics we are more than happy to review and assess those for you.  If you think you might need them or someone has suggested you do then we can also help with that.  Orthotics don’t always have to be expensive, there are more than one option and your podiatrist can discuss this with you.

Do you treat children?

Of course! Children can experience developmental problems with their feet, ingrown toenail problems, warts, growing pains in legs or even sporting injuries.  Our podiatrists are able to assess, treat and manage where needed.

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