Clinical Pilates & Exercise Therapy

Clinical Pilates & Group Exercise Therapy  in Point Lonsdale

Pilates is a very versatile form of exercise that focuses on posture, core stability/control, balance, strength, flexibility and breathing.  Contrary to traditional Pilates, Clinical Pilates is a highly individualised service.  In Clinical Pilates, we use a number of different pieces of specialised equipment, and at our Point Lonsdale studio we are fortunate enough to have one of the most spacious and well-equipped Clinical Pilates spaces in the Bellarine & Greater Geelong region …meaning we are spoilt for choice when it comes to designing the best program for you!

Similar to Clinical Pilates, our Physio led Group Exercise Therapy Classes are highly individualised exercise programs that are specific to the individual – they are designed & overseen by our Physiotherapists and tailor made to you… your body, your biomechanics & your specific goals.

Our Professionals:

Clinical Pilates & Exercise Therapy in Point Lonsdale

Our Clinical Pilates and Group Exercise Programs begin with a thorough assessment by one of our skilled practitioners, a program is then devised based on your body’s needs and your goals.  Everyone is different; however, programs typically focus on the retraining and recruitment of stabilizing muscles (core stability) as well as correcting biomechanics, posture, strength and flexibility…with the ultimate goal being to reducing pain and improve function… so you can enjoy the things you love.

Who is it suitable for?

You, your family, your neighbour, the postman…EVERY BODY who wants more strength and mobility!  Clinical Pilates is highly individualised and our skilled practitioners will work with you to devise and oversee a program that is specific to your body and your goals.

One of the things that we love most about our Clinical Pilates and Exercise Therapy programs are that we get to see such diversity here in the Geelong region.  We work with people of all ages (from mums & bubs sessions, right through the years to inspiring people in their 90’s).  It doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is, how complex your health condition is or whether you can touch your toes, Clinical Pilates and  Group Exercise Therapy can benefit you.  Clinical Pilates and Group Exercise Therapy are perfectly suited to anyone with postural issues, back pain, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, pelvic floor issues or rehabilitation (pre or post-surgery).

What does a class involve?

In our classes, you’ll be warmly welcomed by your health practitioner who is either a qualified Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Myotherapist.  There are no more than five people in a class so you are given the individualised care you deserve and sessions are 50 minutes in duration.  The practitioner will lead you through your program, supervising and making adjustments as required.  You will finish the class feeling more mobile, flexible and stronger.

How do I start?

For someone with little experience, we suggest a series of three one-on-one sessions with a practitioner prior to starting a supervised class.  This enables us to thoroughly assess your body, establish goals and devise a highly individualised program, ensuring you get the most out of your Pilates/ Exercise Therapy sessions.  Please chat with us if you have any questions, we are more than happy to discuss your individual case and give you a tour of our studio.

Do private health rebates apply?

Rebates can apply however, we recommend you discuss this with your Private Health Insurer.

What is the investment?

The casual rate for a 50 minute, supervised class is $45, with discounts offered for class packages/term passes (ie x 10 class pack works out to be $41 per class).
The 1:1 session rates – 60 minute consultation (initial assessment) is an investment of $140, 45 minute session $120 and 30 minute session $95.
DVA eligible and medicare (CDM/EPC referrals) accepted for assessments and reviews (1:1 consults)

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