Clinical Myotherapy

Clinical Myotherapy in Point Lonsdale

Conveniently located on the Bellarine, Point Lonsdale Health & Wellness offers a diverse array of allied health therapies – including Clinical Myotherapy, not too far from Geelong.

What is Clinical Myotherapy?

Clinical Myotherapists are highly skilled musculoskeletal practitioners who specialise in the treatment of acute and chronic pain including back pain, knee pain, sports injuries and postural issues, to help you feel and perform at your best.


Our Professionals:

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Clinical Myotherapy in Point Lonsdale

Not only will our Myotherapists address the source of your pain but they will also seek to understand why it occurred in the first place.  This means that they are trained to help you in understanding, managing and overcoming your problem rather than just giving you symptomatic relief – so much better than a short term fix!

Clinical Myotherapy has evolved from its traditional massage roots.  Although Clinical Myotherapist’s have highly developed ‘hands on’ soft tissue skills (massage) they combine this with other highly valuable tools in their tool kit such as such as dry needling, joint mobilisation, muscle energy technique (MET) and exercise/rehab prescription.

How long is a consult?

We don’t like to rush things – we set aside 60 minutes for initial and 30 minutes for subsequent Clinical Myotherapy consultations.

What to expect?
When we first meet you, we will undertake a thorough assessment and work to understand your goals, then we will develop an individualised treatment plan and likely home exercise program designed to get you up and going again.  Treatment is likely to include some soft tissue massage, dry needling, muscle energy technique (MET) and possible joint mobilisation, education and exercises prescription is also a significant part of a Myotherapy treatment.  Our Myotherapist Nathan Ulph is known for his very specific approach, so treatment is very much tailored to your particular presentation, no two treatments are the same.

What do you treat?

Specialising in musculoskeletal conditions, Myotherapists commonly treat back pain, neck pain, muscle and joint pain, sporting injuries and postural issues on people of all ages.  Myotherapy can be used as treatment for a chronic condition or as a preventative measure.

How does Clinical Myotherapy compare to Physiotherapy?

Clinical Myotherapy treatments at our clinic are conducted by a degree trained therapist and incorporates multiple forms of treatment including soft tissue massage, dry needling, joint mobilisation and prescribed exercise plans.  Compared to Physio, Myotherapy services tend to be a little more hands on with a strong focus on muscles and how they influence the joints and the nerves.  However, exercise prescription and education are still a big part of what they do.  If you are wondering whether Clinical Myotherapy might help you, then please give us a call or email, we are more than happy to have a chat about it.

What is the cost of a Clinical Myotherapy consultation?

An initial consultation of 60 minutes is an investment of $120.  We allow 30 minutes for follow up appointments after this, which are $95.

Can I use my Private Health Insurance?

Clinical Myotherapy is recognised by private health insurance funds, but best to contact your own insurer to check your level of cover.

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