We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world within an amazing community and we care deeply about preserving our Earth for future generations. We’ve undertaken a range of initiatives to ensure that our clinic operates as sustainably and ethically as possible, including embracing solar and renewable energies, getting conscious with our consumables, electrifying our appliances, using green cleaning products and pulling up our sleeves for tree planting to offset transport emissions. We hope that through these varied and inspired actions we can educate, motivate and encourage our community and other businesses near and far to make positive changes of their own, creating a better future, together.

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Harnessing Solar Energy

In an effort to embrace the Point Lonsdale sunshine and harness more renewable energy, we’ve installed a solar system with exciting results for both the planet and our hip pocket.

Since installation, we’ve managed to produce more electricity than we’ve consumed, saved well over $1,000 per year on bills and we’ll be cash positive by mid-2023, all the while having a minimal impact on the Earth.

Utilising solar for your own home or business has become increasingly attainable as the price of solar has significantly reduced in recent years. Plus, there are a number of rebates and interest-free loans available for both individuals and businesses alike. If you’re thinking of getting on board and embracing the sun, some great information can be found at Solar Quotes and Solar Victoria.

Imported Renewable Energy: Wind, Solar and Hydro

As a business operating mainly during daylight hours, we use little power once the sun goes down when our solar panels no longer generate electricity. On occasions when we do need to access energy from the grid, we rely on Diamond Energy to provide us with clean and renewable energy rather than sourcing our energy from fossil fuels.

Switching your electricity plan or provider to one that distributes from renewable sources such as solar, wind or hydro, is the quickest and easiest way to positively impact your overall emissions and minimise your carbon footprint.

In fact, changing to a more planet-conscious energy provider is something that you can do today through the great detective work of Greenpeace, check out their The Green Electricity Guide and make the switch today.

Saying Goodbye To Gas

While you can produce and buy clean power, you can’t buy clean gas. We’re proud to say that we’ve upgraded our previously gas-powered appliances to efficient electric ones, including our heating and hot water. The gas line has now been disconnected and it’s a great feeling to say goodbye to gas…for good!

If you would like to learn more about why electrifying everything is so important, check out the work of Saul Griffiths, a researcher and leader on this topic.

Hot Water Overhaul

When it comes to heating water, heat pump hot water services are the cleanest and most efficient method available, using around 30% of the energy of a conventional electric hot water service. We’ve made the switch and now heat our water during the day from the solar we produce, how cool (or hot) is that?!

The way these nifty pumps work is similar to a battery, in that the heat pump creates the hot water and stores it in a tank to be called upon when needed. There are a number of grants and rebates available for both individuals and businesses to turn up the heat for themselves (no one likes a cold shower, after all!) Visit Solar Vic to learn more.

Getting Conscious With Our Compostables

It’s an unfortunate reality that healthcare settings are high users of single-use consumables. With that in mind, we’ve diligently explored the most ethically produced consumables ideally sourced from either recycled or sustainable origins to be used in the clinic.

Excitedly, we’ve been able to transition away from plastic to bamboo wipes and paper towels, minimising our environmental impact by composting these after use and avoiding landfill. That means that a large proportion of our ‘waste’ goes back into nourishing the soil as compost – go team!

There are some products that currently aren’t available from ethical sources nor are they compostable, but rest assured that we remain committed to continually searching for new and better products to enhance your experience and tread more lightly on the Earth.

Active Transport Initiative

We know that getting around on your own two feet by walking or peddling your bike is the cleanest method of transport, plus it’s great for your physical and mental health (hello endorphins!)

While we recognise that active transport to and from the clinic may not be practical or achievable for a number of our clients, for many people it is. To encourage our local community to make a conscious effort to don their sweats and make their way to the clinic on foot or bike, we have an exciting initiative in the works to be unveiled in the near future. Stay tuned!

Earth Friendly Cleaning Products

It (hopefully) comes as no surprise that hygiene and cleanliness are paramount at the clinic. With that in mind, we’ve sourced the most ethically and environmentally friendly cleaning products that remain highly effective and efficient. This covers everything from our hand soaps and sanitisers to our laundry powder and surface cleaners. Now that’s some green cleaning!

Local Tree Planting Project: Offsetting Transport Emissions

It may come as a surprise, but transport to and from the clinic has the most significant environmental impact of any aspect of our business, with an average of 177,000km travelled by both clients and staff each year.

While it’s ideal to ride or walk to the clinic or travel via electric vehicle, we realise this isn’t available to everyone, especially those in pain. With that in mind, we are endeavouring to plant 6,000 trees on the beautiful Bellarine in an attempt to offset the clinic’s transport emissions.

Various initiatives exist where you can send funds to a program interstate or offshore to plant trees. We’ve ambitiously chosen to do this ourselves as we believe there is much to be gained by collaborating with our local community, raising awareness and diversifying our skills. As a clinic, we will source trees indigenous to the area (where possible) and be involved in the preparation, planting and caring of these as they grow into carbon-capturing superstars of the future.

Specialised Composting

Through considered changes to many of the products in our clinic, we are thrilled to be at a stage where the majority of the waste we generate is now compostable. With the help of B-Alternative, our compostable waste is taken to a specialised facility where it is turned into plant-loving compost.

We would love to complete this composting process at home, however, the commercial facility can monitor the composting far more closely, ensuring optimal conditions, managing greater volumes and completing the process more quickly and efficiently. It’s heartening to know that we are diverting waste from landfill and instead using it to nourish the Earth for a healthier future.

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