Osteopathy in Point Lonsdale

Sore back? Neck? Joints? Or a recent injury? …. Osteopathy might be your answer.  You’ll be in safe hands with Kate Whitford, our skilled Osteopath.  Kate loves nothing more than helping the people of the Bellarine and Greater Geelong region, feel better and move better so they can do the things they love.


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Osteopathy in Point Lonsdale

What is Osteopathy? What does an Osteo do?

Osteopaths are university educated health care practitioners trained in the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.  Osteopath’s have a holistic approach to treatment, aiming to not only target the cause of the problem, but also prevent it from re-occurring.  Sounds good to me!

Osteopaths use a wide variety of techniques to help with pain relief such as soft tissue massage, joint articulation/mobilisation, joint manipulation, dry needling, muscle energy technique/stretching and rehabilitation.

Located on the Bellarine, Point Lonsdale Health & Wellness offer Osteopathic services to residents of the Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Drysdale and Greater Geelong region residents with experienced Osteopath, Kate Whitford.

Why would I see an Osteopath? Osteo vs Physio

Point Lonsdale Health and Wellness Osteopaths work in the Bellarine/Geelong area with patients of all ages and conditions including (but not limited to) back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, arthritis, joint pain and mobility problems.  An osteopath may see similar conditions to that of a musculoskeletal focused physio, however their approach is slightly different.  Our Osteopath uses similar techniques (including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation & manipulation) as well as dry needling when indicated to assist your recovery.

Our Osteopath Kate, has been heard likening the differences in musculoskeletal professionals in our clinic (Physio’s, Myo’s and Osteo’s) to that of coffees!  They are similar, but different … some people prefer a flat white, others a latte or cappuccino.  They treat similar conditions, however have slightly different approach.  There is overlap in the areas of back pain/joint pain/ musculoskeletal issues, however physio is more equipped to help in acute post – surgery rehabilitation.

How long are Osteopath appointments?

We don’t like to rush things, so 60 minutes is set aside for your initial consultation at our Point Lonsdale clinic, giving us plenty of time to gather the full story, get to the bottom of things & develop a thorough treatment plan.  Follow up appointments after this are typically 30 mins in duration.

What is the cost of an Osteopathy consultation?

An initial consultation of 60 minutes is an investment of $120.  We allow 30 minutes for follow up appointments after this, which are an $95 investment.

Can I use private health insurance? A Medicare plan? Or another third party?

Osteopaths are recognised by private health insurance funds, TAC, WorkCover, DVA and can be covered by Medicare for a number of treatments if referred by your GP (CDM plans).

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