Jessie Couch

Services Provided:

Women’s Health Physiotherapy


Bachelor of Physiotherpy

Jessie is an experienced physiotherapist who is passionate about working alongside women to help keep them active and doing the things they love. Having worked in pelvic health for many years she understands that pelvic floor conditions can be bothersome, difficult to talk about and can have a very real impact on your day to day life.

Jessie has worked in both hospital and private practice in Australia and in the UK gaining experience working across different healthcare systems. She has recently returned from the UK where she worked in the NHS alongside urogynaecologists, gynaecologists, colorectal specialists, obstetricians and psychosexual counsellors and is excited to bring this knowledge to the Bellarine.

Jessie has a special interest in:

· urogynaecology symptoms such as stress and urge incontinence (aka leaking with sneezing, coughing, running or leaking due to a sudden desire to empty your bladder)

· preparing women for birth (so hopefully they need her less in the future). She has completed further birth preparation training.

· postnatal assessments and guiding women and birthing people back to impact and doing what they love, whether this be sport or running after their little ones.

· pelvic pain and painful sex

· working with women to keep them active- whether this be women who leak, symptoms of prolapse or pain, regardless of whether they have had pregnancies or not.

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