Helen Grummett

Services Provided:

Diabetes Education


Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Registered Nurse

Diabetes Educator/ Registered Nurse Helen

Helen Grumett Diabetes Education is a new health service to the area, practicing primarily from Point Lonsdale Health & Wellness. Helen is a Registered Nurse and Credentialed Diabetes Educator, having studied diabetes at post-graduate level.

Helen is a warm, engaging, experienced Credentialed Diabetes Educator, whose primary focus is on helping her clients to manage their diabetes with confidence. She works very closely with client goals, helping people to feel positive and empowered with their management and ultimately enjoy a full life.

Helen has special interest in diabetes and the ageing person with post graduate studies attended in both fields.

Helen encourages clients to participate in four reviews per year, for the best outcomes. This will start with an initial longer assessment, then ongoing advice at the reviews. This can be partially funded with Medicare (EPC/CDM) referrals, Private Health Insurance, DVA, and NDIS.

Helen’s home life revolves around her family, husband Andrew, daughter Hannah and her husband Hugo, divine granddaughter Poppy, and Doug their son home on the farm.
Helen and Andrew now live in Queenscliff after 20 years of holidaying in Lonny. They love both townships. You may see Helen on her bike on the Rail Trail or walking from Nunn’s beach to the Marina.

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